House Of The Magnus

Legends Of The Magnus And Macclesfield Tarot BAnner

Following the popular exhibition during the Barnaby Festival 2018, a special extended ‘House of the Magus’ exhibition will magically rematerialise in the ancient Cellar Bar at Five Clouds Tap and Bottle, 8 Market Place, Macclesfield from Friday 24th August until Sunday 30th September 2018.

This innovative work by the artists Richard Chadwick and John Eastwood provides an interesting opportunity to enter a magic portal into an alchemical world of art, allegory and illusion. Here the Plague Doctor, Fairground Mystic, Fortune Teller and Apothecary reside, and the legendary long-lost magical Macclesfield Tarot Cards are revealed. Discover the secret history of Macclesfield’s ancient and mysterious ‘Order of the Darkened Room’. Your destiny awaits!

The exhibition at Five Clouds is open daily from 12pm. Admission Free.

Useful Information

Clouds Tap and Bottle
8 Market Place
SK10 1EX

Telephone: 01625 429214

Legends Of The Magnus And Macclesfield Tarot