A group of neighbours and friends on Prestbury Road have come together to bring free plant swapping to the Treacle Market, Macclesfield. 

After regularly swapping plants and cuttings on the street, the group of neighbours and amateur gardeners thought that others in Macclesfield might be interested in doing the same.

Inspired by plant swap communities elsewhere, they have secured a stall at the monthly Treacle Market, with the first swap due to take place on Sunday 30 May.

The new project, Macclesfield Plant Swap, aims to create a regular place and online community where amateur gardeners can swap, adopt and recycle plants, cuttings or seeds from their home or garden that otherwise might go to waste.

Co-founder Martin Handley said: “We’re really excited to be holding our first stall at the Treacle Market at the end of May. It’s already an amazing place for plant lovers, with so many fantastic plant suppliers. We’re delighted to be alongside them and provide a place for amateur gardeners to swap and recycle excess or unloved plants.

“There has already been lots of interest online as well as support from local businesses who have offered to help us by donating plants and cuttings that otherwise might have gone in the bin, to save and rehome.

“We’re busy getting cuttings rooted and potted up and can’t wait to see what others bring along.”

It’s easy to get involved, simply bring along unwanted or excess plants, cuttings or seeds to the stall hosted monthly at the Treacle Market and take a plant home in return.

It is free and open to everyone, including seasoned gardeners or anyone completely new to gardening. Those without plants to swap are encouraged to come along to stall, join the Facebook group – ‘Macclesfield Plant Swap’ – or follow @MaccPlantSwap for advice to get started. 

Macclesfield Plant Swap have some simple guidelines for easy and accessible plant swapping:

1.     Healthy plants of all shapes and sizes are welcome, from cuttings and seeds to established plants – ideally they should be brought as individual cuttings or in their own pots so that people can take them away individually.

2.     Mystery plants are always exciting, but if you know what the plant is please label it to help those adopting your plants learn how to care for them.

3.     Feel free to bring along any other gardening bits and bobs that you would like to share or swap, such as pots. If you have a bumper harvest of fruit or veg then feel free to bring these along as well – I’m sure there will be someone delighted to try your homegrown goodies.

4.     We ask that swappers only take what they can look after so that there are enough plants to go round.

The first stall will take place on Sunday 30 May outside the church at the Treacle Market between 10am – 3.30pm. Find ‘Macclesfield Plant Swap’ on Facebook or Instagram (@MaccPlantSwap) for upcoming events or to start swapping.