The Rotary Club Of Macclesfield Castle

Rotary International Logo
Rotary International Logo
Club July 14cThe Rotary club of Macclesfield Castle members primary objective is to support the community here and internationally. Ashgrove School Swimathon They are not just fundraisers or run social events, although they do enjoy themselves, it’s about helping other groups and organisations in the town.
They run youth projects with schools,  mock interviewing using their members skills, provide advice to charities and help with the Barnaby parade and run the annual charities bazaar.  Their fundraising includes the swimathon – 13th March 2016(Book Now!), collections, whisky tasting evening and some monies raised  have gone to Men in sheds, canoes for the scouts and international support. This includes giving to the Ebola crisis, shelter boxes, and Polio eradication.


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If you would like to help or know more, please give them a call.  Secretary  01625 4333926.
Article Written By Alec Johnstone