West Park

West Park Macclesfield
West Park Macclesfield

West Park in Macclesfield is a delightful 15 acre local park which dates all the way back to 1854. The park was originally funded by the local working people of Macclesfield, who longed for a tranquil place of rest and relaxation to break up their 70 hour working week in the local mills!

Today you’ll find the park is still very popular with local residents enjoying a peaceful dinner break, walking the dog or simply talking in a breath of fresh air.

The park is a perfect place to let the kids let off steam with a large children’s and toddlers play area, skateboard ramp and bike area, while parents can enjoy the picnic and barbecue area or just walk around the beautiful ornamental gardens or museum.

The park is also home to one of the UK’s largest bowling greens where you’ll often find local  bowling tournaments and bowling clubs enjoying summer afternoons on the green.

There are parking and toilet facilities in the park, or you can also find facilities within a few minutes walk, next door at the Sainsbury’s Supermarket.

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West Park
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